Jumper is a term originally used to describe some of the rebellious youth of the early 21st century. There is a certain amount of controversy over how the term originally came about. Many who subscribe to the movement claim that it refers to their aspirations to live in a better world and their ability to "jump" there through an enlightened state of being. Incidentally, however, they also had a tendency to have what they call "star parties" on the rooftops of tall buildings partaking in designer hallucinogenic drugs. This has led to many deaths as many have actually jumped. Statistically, it didn't happen very often, but it was common enough that that's what many outside the culture associate with the term. Wherever it came from, the term stuck and it came to represent the philosophy of a whole generation that grew up in desperate and violent times.

The origins of the movement itself can be distinctly attributed to an online publication called The Planetary Word. It featured the writings of a mysterious prophet like figure named Astra Gallilea. The overall theme of her writings was that there is an alternate timeline where humanity is currently living in a near utopia. In this other timiline, man is starting to colonize space and is already finding new homes and vast resources, everyone lives in peace and technology provides a life in comfort with plenty for all. Her writings contend that this reality has been stolen from them by corrupt governments and corporations of the past and present. It is also on The Planetary Word that the chemical compound for the designer hallucinogenic drug, Star Fire, became first widely known.

Astra Gallilea has since been identified as Ida Romero who had been an inpatient at an mental health facility with severe schizophrenia. That was until she was treated with the experimental drug DNT17. The treatment made medical history. She made an incredible recovery from her delusional state and was released only three weeks afterward. Two months after her release, however, she disappeared. On the last day she was seen, the lab where DNT17 was created had been broken into and all documentation relevant to the drug had been stolen. It has since been confirmed that DNT17 is indeed one and the same with the drug called Star Fire.

The Star Fire produced and sold on the streets was in a much more concentrated form, of course. Samples got out to a generation of youth that has gone though the tragedy of a civil war and was facing an uncertain future under a new un-democratic government. Demand for the substance became a phenomenon unto itself and a sub-culture began forming around it immediately.

Users of the drug exhibit a heightened level of emotional response to stimuli and less inhibited behavior. They report that the experience is like being in a simulation based on an old science fiction movie. They claim that it gives life a sense of adventure and that it provides them the feeling of having power and control. Astra Gallilea said that it helped her "jump" to that alternate timeline of utopia. She claimed that it took here there and that she saw "...the world that could have been and the world that's possible someday."